The Hospital

Shivya IVF – Woman & Child Health Care was established in 2022 as a Fertility and IVF Centre with a goal of achieving successful pregnancies in couples who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving a child, with affordable rates. In 2023 we have upgraded our fertility center to a birthing hospital to provide one-stop destination for all aspects of reproductive health, maternity and neonatal care.

How Shivya IVF – Woman & Child Health Care is different?

Shivya IVF is a fertility & birthing hospital, where your treatment is designed just for you. We provide full spectrum of reproductive, maternity and neonatal services in one location. We do not experiment with unproven therapies, but will discuss all possible interventions. We practice true one on one care, perform your initial consultation, follow up your results, explain them to you to help you understand and make the best decisions throughout your fertility & maternity journey.

Our Vision
  • To deliver world class fertility care with excellent success rate and patient safety.
  • To be the first choice for fertility, maternity & neonatal care for patients across the region.
Our Mission
  • To treat the client with utmost respect, dignity, understanding and confidentiality.
  • To help couples to achieve their dreams of parenthood.
  • To practice current and evidence-based medicine.
  • To provide highest quality of comprehensive Women and Child health care services.
Our core values

You are our number one priority; we are here to hear your thoughts and concerns with empathy, compassion and knowledge.
Personalised Care
We practice true one-on-one care and believe in continuity of care, so you will see familiar faces each time you visit or phone us.
We are a dedicated team that cares for our patients like family, and in all we do, we do with empathy in our hearts.

What we believe?

Even miracles take a little time and so are some couples who may take a little longer to conceive. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access ‘a little extra’ help with starting their family, without the financial strains often associated with IVF treatment. 

We believe in maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality in obstetric care to ensure the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies.

Why choose Shivya IVF – Woman & Child Health Care?

By choosing us, you’ll have the best possible advice and treatment with access to the following.

  • Full range of fertility, maternity & neonatal services.
  • Excellent success rates, meeting highest national and international standards at affordable prices.
  • Cutting edge technology and access to the latest reproductive techniques.
  • Highly experienced medical team dedicated to your success.
  • A supportive, personal and caring approach.
  • Tailored fertility & maternity care with individualized protocols that suits your needs.
  • Evidence based treatment.
  • Transparent and ethical practice.
  • Convenient appointment times including weekend and evenings.
  • Direct telephone access to medical professionals 24/7.
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