Frozen Embryo Transfer


Freeze-all cycles
After forming eggs through your IVF procedure, you will not have embryo transfer in that cycle and instead all embryos are freezed and stored. Many people have been able to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery through embryo freezing.

Who can benefit?

  • Women with a higher risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome during IVF. To reduce the risk of this condition, freezing the embryo is recommended and transferring it when the ovaries are no longer stimulated.
  • To test an embryo for a genetic disorder – This involves removing a few cells from embryo and testing the chromosomes. Embryos with a standard set of chromosomes are more likely to transfer successfully. Pre screening can ensure that future offspring have a lower chance of developing genetic diseases.
  • During IVF cycle when several eggs are retrieved at once, fertilization often results in more than one embryo. After transferring one or two embryos the remaining embryos can be frozen and preserved.
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